Beyond the Sunday Paper: Unconventional Ways to Find and Utilize Coupons

Tired of flipping through endless pages of coupons in the Sunday paper? Who has time for that anymore? Luckily, there are much easier ways to find awesome discounts these days, especially for health and beauty products!  Lets learn how to find amazing deals and use them like a Pro. Also some tricks for saving money on popular brands, so you can treat yourself without hurting your wallet. 

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Easy Ways to Find Coupons Beyond the Sunday Paper

Here are some simple ways to find coupons without relying on the Sunday paper:

  1. Applications and Websites for Coupons: There are a ton of applications and websites dedicated to coupons. They frequently feature a wide variety of coupons, some of which you may apply digitally with your shop card.
  1. Manufacturer Websites and Social Media: A few businesses provide coupons on their social media pages or websites. You can be informed about their most recent sales by subscribing to their emails or following them on the internet. Occasionally, unique promo codes are given to new members!
  1. Store Apps and Loyalty Programs: With exclusive offers and discounts, a lot of stores have their own apps and loyalty programs.
  1. Websites that Compare Prices: You may locate the best deals on cosmetic and health products by visiting websites like Shopzilla and Google Shopping. 
  1. Browser extensions: When you shop online, some browser extensions might help you locate coupons. These are useful for ensuring you’re receiving the greatest deal and for saving time.

Using Coupons Wisely:

Once you have some coupons, here’s how to use them well:

  1. Examine the Specifics: Make sure you comprehend the terms on any coupon before using them. Certain coupons may contain restrictions on how they can be used, such as spending a minimum amount or being ineligible for use on specific products.
  1. If Allowed, Combine Coupons: Some stores permit you to utilize multiple coupons simultaneously. This can further increase your savings. However, always read the store’s policies first.
  1. Maintain Organization: Arranging your coupons will help you avoid wasting time or trouble when checking out. You might utilize a straightforward binder or folder or a specialized organizer.

Even if the products you buy for health and beauty are from companies like The Ordinary, you may still save money by using these strategies! You can stretch your budget and become a coupon expert with a little work.


You can get the most out of your coupons and save money on your purchases of cosmetics and health products by following these easy steps. For hassle-free shopping experiences, don’t forget to read the tiny print, use stacking coupons when it’s possible, and keep your coupons organized. By being diligent and using clever couponing techniques, you can extend your spending limits and score deals on even well-known goods.


  1.  Where can I find coupons for health and beauty products?

You can find coupons through various sources such as coupon websites and apps, manufacturer websites and social media, retailer apps.

2. Can I use multiple coupons on one purchase?

Some stores allow coupon stacking, which means using more than one coupon per purchase.  

3. How do I know if a coupon has any restrictions?

Always read the fine print on the coupon to understand any terms and conditions.  

4. What’s the best way to organize my coupons?

You can organize your coupons using various methods, such as coupon organizers available online or in stores, or simply using a binder or folder to keep them sorted.

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