Color Coordination: Choosing Awning Colors to Complement Your Business

It’s important to think about the color when you’re getting curtains for your business. It could have a big effect on your brand and how the house looks from the street. It’s important to choose an umbrella color that fits with your store’s theme, draws people in, and gets your brand’s message across. SignFreaks, a top awning business in Chicago, knows how important it is to coordinate colors when making awnings that look good and work well. This is the guide you need if you want your awning to do a great job of representing your business.

Understanding the Importance of Color

Colors have a big effect on how people think about your business. In addition to showing feelings and thoughts, they can also change people’s minds and choices. There are two sides to choosing a color for your awning: how it looks and how it will help your brand.

Emotional Impact

Different colors can make us feel and respond in different ways. Take the color blue as an example. People usually associate it with trust and business, while red makes them think of energy and a need to act quickly. If you know how different people see different colors, you might be able to pick one that fits with the values and goals of your business.

Brand Consistency

For best brand recall, it’s best to keep the color scheme consistent across all branding elements, such as awnings. With your branding, signs, color scheme, and awning, buyers may be able to find your business more easily.

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Choosing the Right Awning Color

1. Match Your Brand Colors

The easiest thing to do is pick an umbrella color that goes with your company’s main colors. People will be able to recognize the company better and have a more consistent picture. If the color green is a big part of your brand’s logo, you might want to get green curtains to make the whole thing look better.

2. Consider the Surroundings

It is very important to think about where your business is situated. To keep colors from clashing, choose bright colors that go with the outside of the building and the natural setting. A bright umbrella might look great next to a building with mostly basic colors.

3. Seasonal Considerations

Every season, a business can change the color of its awning to keep its shop looking fresh. Cooler colors like blue and green might make you feel good in the summer, while warmer colors like orange and red might look good in the fall.

Popular Awning Colors and Their Effects


A bright red will get people’s attention and make their hearts beat faster. Businesses like shops and restaurants that want to show that they are lively and exciting should use this.


Most people think of faith, respect, and peace when they see the color blue. It is used by many businesses, banks, and healthcare facilities.


Green is a color that stands for growth, vitality, peace, and unity. This would be very good for businesses in the food, health, and environmental fields.


Black is a color that shows sophistication and style. It’s great for high-end brands and businesses that want to look modern and stylish.


Yellow is a great color because it is bright and stands out. Because it can create a friendly mood, it can be useful for bars, bakeries, and other places that cater to families.

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal with Patterns and Graphics

If you don’t want your awning to be all one color, try adding designs and graphics. To make your awning look better, add colors, geometric shapes, or other unique designs. This method lets you mix many unique colors in a way that looks good, which can help your business stand out in a crowded market.

The Role of Professional Awning Companies

Choosing the right awning color and design can be overwhelming. Working with a professional awning company can make the process easier and ensure that you achieve the desired results. At SignFreaks, we are one of the top awning companies in Chicago, offering expert advice and high-quality awning solutions tailored to your business needs.

Comprehensive Services

Our full range of services covers every part of your awning project, from advice to color choice, design, and installation, making sure that the job is done right. With the help of our professional team, you can pick the best colors and designs for your shop and your business.

Quality and Durability

We only use the best materials, so your curtains will last for years and keep the rain out. No one else in Chicago can build or maintain awnings as well as we can, and we guarantee that your new awnings will last for a long time.

The awning’s color is the first thing that you should do to make your shop look good and fit with your brand. Choosing an umbrella color that fits in with the rest of your brand’s colors and the area could help your business get more customers and be seen. SignFreaks’ goal is to help Chicago companies reach their branding goals by putting up stylish, high-quality banners. Help you pick out an umbrella color for your business? If you have any questions about our services, please get in touch with us right away.

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