Video Know Your Customer (vKYC): Step into the World of Digital Transformation

In times of worldwide transformation, identifying the clients before connecting with them is an essential step every remote business must take. Integrating vKYC services will eventually reduce criminal activities and become a mandatory part of client onboarding processes. With the assistance of the video Know Your Customer vKYC, potential clients can receive appropriate guidance. Additionally, there will be fewer manual mistakes, and businesses can complete the authentication processes in real time. This blog will address the importance of vKYC services and how they assist modern enterprises in validating their shortlisted candidates. 

Video KYC – A Quick Overview

vKYC is the process of detecting potential candidates on a live video call. This strategic approach assists enterprises in identifying clients without demanding their physical presence. vKYC client verification is the blend of remote authentication and enhanced security. Firms can quickly reduce fraud, improve client engagement, and only connect with valid consumers globally. 

Video KYC Verification – Importance in the Digital World 

The growing need for vKYC solutions has become mandatory for most firms because of widespread diseases like COVID-19. The recent increase in pandemics has forced enterprises to move towards remote settings. While onboarding candidates online, companies must find a solution that will help them identify valid consumers globally. 

vKYC, with its effective services, assists firms in this regard and provides innovative solutions for modern problems. It reduces impersonation attacks and offers enterprises authentic candidates. These solutions are applicable at domestic and intercontinental levels, meaning that firms can build healthy relationships without thinking for a second. With vKYC, hiring legitimate clients has become a relatively accessible task.

Video KYC Solution Vs. Manual KYC 

Traditionally, verification processes consume the majority of enterprises’ time. Those outdated techniques drain employee energy as they have to validate the submitted details and images manually. Proceeding with conventional methods always increases the chances of manual errors. When firms face the same issues continuously, they demand solutions that will transform their everyday operations and complete processes in real time. 

When enterprises talk about such innovative solutions, vKYC comes into action. It provides the firms with authentic candidates without demanding physical presence. All the processes are done automatically, reducing the need for manual efforts. It helps companies detect the facial features of their selected candidate without investing large payments on expensive tools. Additionally, achieved outcomes from these effective solutions are always precise and appropriate. 

Video KYC Process 

vKYC process can be completed in various steps: 

  • Filling up an Online Form

The process begins when the candidate is provided with an online form. This checkout document contains detailed sections demanding the client’s confidential information. 

  • Associate the Form with the Banking Card

After submitting the details, the consumer must make the checkout form linked with their banking card, ID card, and Adhaar card, depending on the company’s requirements. 

  • Picture Submission

In this process, the consumer has to submit their selfie taken from the device’s webcam.

  • Authentication Process

When the vKYC system receives all the client information, it authenticates them against the pre-recorded details. 

  • Client Status

The final client status achieved from the vKYC system helps businesses make valuable decisions. 

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Industries that Demand Video KYC Regulations 

Cryptocurrency, investment firms, and banking sectors need vKYC solutions while performing remote onboarding. These innovative solutions are highly beneficial for financial companies because those firms have to pay rigorous penalties for non-compliance. 

Using vKYC, enterprises can improve security measures and properly adhere to set standards. When firms comply with the strict rules, they do not have to pay for stringent penalties and reputational damage. After employing video KYC, the companies gained precision and instant verification facilities. 

Video KYC Online – Perks for Remote Enterprises 

vKYC offers diverse benefits to remote enterprises, some of them are as follows: 

  1. Enterprises that have vKYC solutions have less exposure to criminal entities. Only legitimate clients can get access to their companies. 
  2. Businesses that want instant and precise client services must need vKYC integration. 
  3. vKYC offers AI-powered solutions for customer verification that reduce manual errors and give attention to minor mistakes. 
  4. Businesses that want international opportunities must need video KYC verification. 
  5. vKYC offers secured services that protect clients’ confidential information. The submitted details remain private and will never be shared with a third party. 

Summing Up

vKYC is essential for businesses, including those utilizing Windstream Internet, aiming to expand their operations domestically and internationally. With these innovative services, enterprises can experience exponential growth and identify shortlisted candidates in real-time. Video KYC automates authentication processes seamlessly, eliminating the need for additional manual efforts. This strategic approach incorporates AI-powered and machine-learning capabilities, aiding firms in detecting minor errors efficiently. Businesses equipped with vKYC solutions can independently complete their processes without depending on expensive tools. Therefore, integrating these effective measures is crucial for companies to embark on a path towards prosperity.

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