4 Ways Women Around the World Make Money Online

So, you’re a woman with big dreams but maybe not a lot of opportunities where you live. Whether you need to earn extra money or want financial independence, the Internet opens a world of possibilities. With just a computer and WiFi, you can find flexible work that fits your skills and schedule. 

In this article, we’ll explore four proven ways women across the globe are making real money online.

  1. Become an Influencer or Content Creator 

With platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, it’s never been easier to build an audience. Post eye-catching photos, engaging videos, and behind-the-scenes content to start gaining followers. Collaborate with other influencers and engage with your followers to build connections.

Decide on a niche that you’re passionate about, whether it’s travel, makeup, gaming, or something else, such as OnlyFans content. Your followers will be able to tell if you’re not genuinely interested in the content. Once you’ve found your niche, post consistently to establish yourself as an authority.

The most common ways influencers make money are through sponsorships, ad revenue sharing, and affiliate links. You can also sell your own digital products like online courses, ebooks, or membership communities. Platforms like OnlyFans allow influencers to offer exclusive content to subscribers for a monthly fee.

  1. Teach English Online

As an English speaker, you have a skill that is in high demand around the world. Teaching English online is a great way for women to make money from home. 

Here are some of the top companies that hire online English teachers:


DaDaABC is one of the largest companies that hire independent contractors to teach English to students in China. They provide the lesson plans and curriculum, so you just need to show up ready to teach. Pay starts around $14-22/hour.


VIPKID is also a major player in the online ESL industry. They hire teachers to teach English to kids in China ages 4-12. Like DaDaABC, they provide lesson plans. Pay is around $14-22/hour. VIPKID teachers rave about the flexibility and curriculum.


Qkids hires teachers to teach English online to kids in China ages 4-12. They have their own interactive curriculum and lesson plans. Pay starts at $16/hour. Qkids also gets high reviews from teachers for their curriculum, pay, and flexibility.


Cambly connects English tutors with students around the world for casual English conversation practice. You set your own hours and talk to students over the phone or video chat. Pay starts at $10.20/hour. Cambly is a more flexible option if you want to just chat with students rather than follow a strict curriculum.

  1. Sell Handmade Goods on Etsy

Etsy is a popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods. If you have a creative hobby like jewelry making, soap crafting, or furniture refurbishing, Etsy is a great place to sell your wares. Over two million active buyers shop on the site, so you have the potential to reach a large audience.

To get started, create an Etsy shop to showcase your handmade goods. You’ll want to take high-quality photos of each item and describe them in detail, including the materials and dimensions. Price your goods competitively based on what similar items are selling for. Etsy charges a small listing fee for each item as well as a percentage of the final selling price.

Build up reviews and ratings over time through great customer service. Ship orders quickly, include a handwritten thank you note, and follow up to make sure the item was received as expected. Happy customers will leave glowing reviews that bring more shoppers.

Web Design

Setting up a basic website is one of the most accessible ways for women around the world to make money online. As a web designer, you can create sites for small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. All you need is a computer, design software like Canva or Weebly, and some technical skills.

Teach yourself HTML, CSS, and web design fundamentals. Take free courses on Udemy, Coursera, or Udacity to pick up the basics. Start with building a simple website for a friend or local charity to gain experience. Offer your services for a low fee or even pro bono.

Focus on a specific industry, like restaurants, lifestyle blogs, or e-commerce stores. Become an expert in that niche so you can better serve clients. Join relevant Facebook groups and online communities to make connections and find new clients. Offering specialized services in a niche market allows you to charge higher rates.

Start Making Money Online

So there you have it – four awesome ways that women across the globe are making bank online. Whether you want to monetize a hobby, become a social media influencer, teach a skill, or start dropshipping products, the opportunities are endless if you have an internet connection and a solid skillset. 

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